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male monkey

when I enter the bank
I inhale deep
cause the air in there
is not for men – but from sheep
but what a happy day a happy day-o
there’s a human being in the bank today

at the counter there is a very nice girl
she has darkish hair
and she’s probably iranian
and it is her and not her boss
he’s a male monkey
tied up in a shirt and tie

cause if he were there, he would give me hard times
he would skirt it around, make me feel inferior
for the lack of the money
cause that’s what counts to a
male monkey, male monkey, the male monkey

turn around show me your tail
turn around show your smile      _furs
turn around show me you’re you’re male
turn around now turn around        _spurs

so to get me relaxed here is what I’ll do
I’ll imagine the guy in his birthday suit
and that very nice girl she sends me a grin
she’s quite familiar with the state I’m in
as I leave the bank back on my way
I say “Hi!” to an old lady and I greet the day

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